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♥ Pancake Love ♥

Let's runaway...

The JoMeann Official Community
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A community dedicated for Joms and Meann's love. ♥


Hi~ Welcome to PANCAKE LOVE! This community is dedicated to the really sweet JoMeann (Jomskie + Meann) pairing. This community is named Pancake Love, because Jomskie and Meann affectionately call each other "PANCAKE.

Let's share the JoMeann love! ♥ Join now~


1. No BASHING please. We all love JoMeann here. ♥
2. All entries should be (in any way) related to JoMeann (because this is a JoMeann community after all.)
3. Respect each other. :)
4. This is common courtesy. Please give credits.
5. Make us of the community's tags and memories!
6. Post large images and spoilers under an lj-cut. We don't want to ruin people's layouts~
7. Requests are allowed, but don't be impatient. :) Sales posts are also allowed.
8. Let's all be nice and HAVE FUN! ♥

"Sometimes I wonder why everything just fits perfectly between us. It's like you're the missing piece in my life. The one who fills in my blanks and the one who truly makes me smile."


Jomskie (The submissive one)
Jomari Borlongan. Mari. Joms. Ewoks. Oji. PANCAKE ♥. November 11. Scorpio. Tall. Universal donor. Black. Red. Green. Blue. 2. 24. Milk. Yogurt. Japanese Food. Sweet. Vanilla. Cats. ARASHI. High and Mighty Color. Mika Nakashima. The gazettE. Alice Nine. L'Arc~en~Ciel. WaT. Monster & Musashi. NANA. Desperate Housewives. House MD. SCRUBS. Mythbusters. Video games. Suikoden. OhMiya ♥. Moles. Square-enix. Marvel & Capcom. Chinen Yuri ♥. Ninomiya Kazunari ♥.

Meann (The hyper one)
Mary Ann Ortiz. Meann. Maann. Cath. Cacai. Cai. Ortiz. Hortiz. PANCAKE ♥. February 11. Aquatius. Pretty. Universal donor. Red. Blue. Black. White. 11. 15. 16. 26. Sweet. Vanilla. Cookies & Cream. Cats. ARASHI. Aiko Yanai. Ohno Satoshi ♥. Kanjani8. NEWS. Hey!Say! JUMP. V6. TOKIO. Naruto. Vampire Knight. Yakitate Japan. Tenjou Tenge. Flame of Recca. Gensomaden Saiyuki. Dragonball Z. My name is Earl. House MD. CSI. Mago Mago Arashi. Chinito. Chinita. Funny. Ohno Satoshi ♥.

"Let's runaway... to a place where
no one knows us."

If either Meann or Jomskie thinks that this community should be closed, I will gladly close it for them. :)

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